Organically-fed Pasture-raised Turkeys

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The Feeds​​
Our licensed free-range turkeys are raised in the summer and fall, on fresh daily pasture. We feed them certified organic feed along with the grasses, clovers, mineral-rich broadleaf forbs, and insects they forage.

Since turkeys are agressive foragers, they do get a significant amount of food from the pasture. However, like other poultry, they prefer to have grains as their staple diet.

The Breeds
We raise two breeds of turkeys:  The larger breed is a traditional type called Orlopp Bronze;  and we also have a compact breed called Mini Classic. Mini Classics are just the thing for those needing a smaller turkey. They range in size from about 10-15 pounds.

The Orlopp Bronze, since it is an ancestor of the traditional coloured Bronze turkey, is somewhat slower growing than regular commercial turkeys, and therefore more flavourful. It is similar to the typical old-fashioned farm turkey you might see in old pictures. This improved "Orlopp" version of the Bronze turkey has more breast meat than the older Bronze varieties, and is quite tender, since we butcher them at a relatively young age. 


These are the fresh pick-up dates for 2018:
- October 6th, just in time for Thanksgiving
- October 26th

You can also order for pickup at the Halifax Forum Farmers Market on Saturdays.

We also sell frozen turkeys, ground, and sausages; call for availability, or see us at the Forum Market.

​Contact us by email or telephone to reserve your order.
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See Bountywoods Farm at
Halifax Forum Farmers' Market
on Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm.

Located at Almon and  Windsor streets.

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