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Pasture-raised Chicken

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Are you serious about your meats? So are we!

Our certified free-range chickens are grown humanely, and are fed organic grain,  to give you the best product possible.

The breeds:
​​The old-fashioned type meat chickens we use are called Nova Browns. These chickens, which are crosses from heritage breed parents, are  aggressive foragers which is reflected in their excellent meat quality and flavour. 

Update for Summer 2017: We were not able to get Nova Browns so we will only have Meat Kings this season.

We also keep some of the Cornish/Rock cross, (aka Meat Kings), because of their exceptional feed efficiency. This breed is what sets chicken prices in Canada, and we grow some of these for: (a) those that want a cheaper price, and (b) those that are looking for high amounts of breast meat. They are definitely much better than the same breed raised in barns -  access to sun and pasture adds a lot of flavor, and improves the healthy fat profile.

The feeds:
As chickens are primarily grain and seed eaters, we feed them unsprayed grain along with what they consume from the pasture. They do, however, consume lots of bugs, seeds, and tender leaves of grasses and forbs. 

The environment:
Most of all, our chickens benefit from being outside in the sunshine and fresh air. (Who would envy any animal confined in a barn during the height of summer?) To keep them from being enjoyed prematurely by our coyotes, owls, eagles and foxes, we use our Cackellac movable shelters to keep them secure. These are moved twice a day to keep the pastures in a rotation, which always provides a fresh daily portion for the chickens, and gives the grass a chance to regrow. 

Since chickens are a tropical forest bird, they do not like cold, wet conditions. Therefore, they appreciate the shade and weather protection offered by the Cackellac shelter. However, they can be in the sun and the breeze whenever the weather is fine. These versatile units are easy to open up or close off more as needed. We like to keep our chickens comfortable and happy!

chicken breast
free range chicken prices
We take the chickens to a licensed local abattoir when they reach market size. Here they are chilled and wrapped, after which we bring them back. They can also cut up and debone the chickens for an extra charge.  

Here are the 2017 dates for picking up fresh chickens: 
  • July 7:  3 1/2 - 6 lbs
  • July 28:  5 - 7 lbs
  • September 14:  3 1/2 - 6 lbs                                                                                        
  • October 27:  5 - 8 lbs 

If you want to get them fresh, you can arrange to pick them up when we bring them back from the abattoir.

Contact us by email or telephone to reserve your chickens. 
We will also sell breasts and drumsticks from our freezer whenever we have them available .​

free-range chicken drumsticks

See Bountywoods Farm at
Halifax Forum Farmers' Market
on Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm.

Located at Almon and  Windsor streets.

fresh chicken thigh

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