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Pasture poultry solutions...
Whether you raise a few backyard chickens, or several thousand, our mobile chicken coops make it easy for you to give your birds a comfortable home outside.

Mobile shelters, or "chicken tractors", are becoming a preferred method of providing poultry with truly fresh pasture every day, while containing them effectively. The Cackellac line of shelters are designed to make this efficient and enjoyable, at the same time giving you a primary defense against predators.

​We have been raising pastured poultry since 1999. Outdoor poultry production, although more healthy and comfortable for the birds, presents some challenges from predators and the weather, which must be overcome.

Cackellac mobile shelters are our solution to these problems. We use the Cackellac as a brooder right out in the field, using the End-Closure kit and propane brooder. At about three weeks, we distribute the chicks so we have about 90-100 in each (meat chickens).
We move the chickens to fresh pasture twice a day, which reduces grain consumption. This is made very easy by the Cackellac’s convenient lifting wheels and hanging feeders and waterers. We fill the feeders and the water reservoir as we move them. At our farm, one person moves a pen in less than ten minutes, including feeding and watering.
Alternately, you can park the Cackellac, and have the chickens free ranging from it. The removable panel under the door makes this easy.
When the chickens need to be removed from the shelter, we simply carry crates into the Cackellac early in the morning or at night and catch the sleeping birds. Getting around inside the Cackellac is much easier than with most traditional chicken tractors.
To move the model 1312, you simply flip up the anchor and lift the wheel lever to desired height, at each corner. Now you’re ready to push it ahead one pen length.
Cackellac shelters are being used for meat chickens, turkeys, laying hens, ducks, geese, and even sheep. In the winter months, when the Cackellacs are not used for poultry or other animals, they can be used for storage, or as a greenhouse—you can park it exactly where you want it !
The four wall panels of the 1312 are shipped complete, r eady to be assembled. Assembly instructions make it possible for a handy person to do it in an afternoon. The 812 is even easier.  
When you get tired of repairing build-it-youself pasture poultry pens, consider Cackellac movable shelters.
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Cackellac 812
cackellac 812 mobile poultry shelter
movable chicken coop
Cackellac 1312
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Available options for both models :
  • Hanging feeders and waterers
  • Roosts for laying hens
  • End-Closure kit for cold weather
  • Nest boxes for layers
  • Propane radiant brooders
  • Clear woven poly cover for converting the Cackellac to a greenhouse !
rollout chicken nest box

Chicken Nests For Wall Mounting

Cackellac galvanized steel chicken nesting boxes - with egg roll-out tray to keep eggs clean with out bedding, and eliminate hens pecking eggs. Pays for itself quickly if your chickens are eating eggs.
These hen nests are made in the new 'community style', without dividers, so hens can sit wherever they want - this reduces fighting for a certain nest box. This style serves a greater number of hens because there are no 'unfavored' boxes. 

One double deck nest can serve up to 100 hens. These have also been used for ducks and other similar poultry. 

Constructed of 24 gauge galvanized steel to last for years. A removable artificial turf mat is used instead of bedding, which makes it easy to clean out. 

The roll-out tray opens at the front for easy egg gathering. Perch flips up to keep hens out of the nest during the night; this also keeps the nest cleaner. 

One double-deck four-foot long unit sells for $444.00

roll-out nests
Back view of chicken nest box
Nova Scotia nest boxes
Side view of laying nest
roll-out chicken nest box
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