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Cackelac 812

Cackellac 322 mobile poultry shelter

Our smallest chicken tractor for backyards
Introducing - a NEW mini Cackellac poultry shelter for 5 - 6 chickens, for small backyard flocks!

Protect your hens from predators, and keep them off the neighbors' yards. Give your chickens the best environment possible by providing fresh daily pasture.

This mini chicken tractor is lightweight and easy to move every day; but it withstands winds because of the anchors that pin down all four corners.

  • all aluminum frame - lightweight and rust-free
  • can house up to 5 - 6 chickens
  • built-in roost
  • coated mesh on the ends
  • strong polycarbonate sides and roof
  • tread-in anchors
  • easy access through sliding roof opening on both sides

Only $496.00