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Cackellac 1312 mobile poultry shelter 

The new standard in pasture poultry pens....
Model 1312 is our largest size for farms raising pastured chickens or turkeys commercially.

  • Measures 13’x16’, which is enough space for up to 100 meat chickens, or approximately 70-90 laying hens.
  • Height at the center is 6 1/2 feet, making it easy for you to get around inside.
  • Translucent multi-wall polycarbonate panels in the ends to make it more comfortable in cool, wet weather.
  • Four flat-free wheels lift the pen in seconds, making it remarkably easy to move, for a pen this size.
  • Sides open easily for warm weather; just slide open behind the stay straps.
  • Quick anchoring system to prevent possible shifting on very windy days.
  • 1x1 inch 14 gauge welded wire mesh to keep out most predators.
  • Cover is a heavy 6.7 oz woven white 100% polyethylene tarp with 10 x 10 weave; Canadian made from highest quality Canadian material.
  • New strap fastening system for cover
  • All hot dip galvanized frame for many years of service.
  • Nylon straps and ratchets for fastening the cover down securely.
pasture chicken pen

Only  $2895.00 

Options for Model 1312
Roll-out Nests, Model 171, $288.00
  • Support brackets, set, $84.00
  • 14 foot roost bars, $26.00 ea. 
Jumbo poultry feeders $44.00 
  • Feeder hanging kit $10.95
Miller automatic hanging water fountain assembly $68.00
End-Closure kit $596.00
  • Factory installation of End-Closure kit (essential when shipped) $95.00
Louvre vent insert unit  $228.00 
Clear woven poly cover to allow the Cackellac to double as a greenhouse!  11 mil woven poly,   $348.00

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Moving a Cackellac 1312 Chicken Tractor  
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Cackellac 1312 coop