Bio-Ag Animal Health Products

We are pleased to offer these quality animal nutrition products. We have been using Bio-Ag feed supplements for years, and since there was no dealer in Nova Scotia at the present, we decided to provide the service.

  1. Norman's Naturals Dog Food
    Bio-Ag believes that all animals deserve the best when it comes to nutrition, so they’ve created a dog food that will provide your pet with the nutrients required to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. This unique formula is nutritionally balanced and uses many of the time-tested ingredients Bio-Ag customers have come to rely on to keep their animals healthy, such as Acadian Kelp Meal, flax seed, and brown rice. For more info click below.
  2. Livestock Mineral Premixes
    We supply highly biologically active premixes to conventional and organic markets. Bio-Ag premixes in many respects look no different in the surface than any other competitor premix. However, one of the decidedly outstanding features of this premix is the effect of using the copper, iron, cobalt, zinc and manganese choline citrate chelates. For more info click below.
  3. Dried Seaweed Meal
    Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc., partnered with Ocean Harvest Technology, is very proud to announce that we are now a Canadian distributor for OceanFeed. We are confident it will be a most valuable asset in your nutritional program. Dried Seaweed Meal is a rich source of B-vitamins and minerals which compliment your premix program. When a small amount of Dried Seaweed Meal is included in the diet it supports gut health and increases nutrient absorption, thus improving your animal’s overall health. For more info click below.
  4. NTM® Salt
    NTM® Salt, is almost pure salt (95% sodium chloride), yet it provides livestock with many needed trace minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, copper, iodine, iron, phosphorous, manganese and zinc. Mineral rich, Redmond salt chunks offer quality at competitive prices. Available in random sized salt chunks or by the 50 lb bag, crushed and screened to be included in your feeding program. For more info click below.
Normans Naturals dog food
Bio-Ag vitamin and mineral premix
kelp meal
Redmond natural trace mineral salt
Redmond salt block
Bio-Ag Products Retail Prices

September 2017  (subject to change)

Mineral/Vitamin Premixes:
Sheep mineral premix,1:1 25kg                                      $68.00
Goat mineral premix,1:1 25kg                                        $68.25
Horse mineral premix, 2:1 25 kg                                    $88.25
Poultry starter premix 25kg                                             $62.75
Poultry grower premix 25kg                                             $62.50
Poultry layer premix 25kg                                                  $43.85
Other premixes are available, including custom mixes.

Other Supplements:
Bio-Lac organic, dry 1kg                                                       $16.90
Eberglo horse vitamin/mineral supplement 946ml liquid $51.00
Equine Ecstasy horse topdress 12kg                             $113.25
Ocean Feed Equine seaweed meal 3 kg pail               $81.25
Ocean Feed Dried seaweed meal, base blend 25kg $66.65
Organic flax meal 25 kg                                                          $48.50
Perma Guard Diatomaceous Earth 22.7kg                 $43.30
Redmond AntiCaking Agent (Conditioner) 22.7 kg $25.60
Redmond NTM Natural Salt 22.7 kg                              $17.70
Redmond Salt Block 20kg                                                    $17.40

Dog Food:
Normans Naturals Dog Food 18kg                                  $49.45
Normans Naturals Dog Food 14kg                                  $41.05
Normans Naturals Dog Food 8kg                                     $26.95

Black Earth humates 25kg                                                    $24.25
CalPhos Soft Phosphate, granular 22.7kg                    $21.40
CalPhos Soft Phosphate, powder 22.7 kg                     $20.30
Acadian Stella Maris aquatic plant extract 10 L         $204.00
Acadian Stella Maris aquatic plant extract 1 L            $21.60
Sulphur powder 22.7 kg                                                          $45.15

Available by special order:
Bio-Ag GMO-free Feed Broiler Grower 18%, 25kg $30.75
Bio-Ag GMO-free Feed Poultry Layer 17%, 25kg     $31.25

Ask about quantity discounts.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
black earth humates
Diatomaceous earth
Bio-Ag animal feed supplements